lundi 2 mars 2009

What is XNA?

XNA game studio is a free tool, provided by Microsoft to ease the development of games for XBox 360, Windows and Zune platforms.

Today it is at version 3.0. It is built on top of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (no matter the version: standard, profesional, even the express one). Former versions should be used with the Visual Studio 2005 Serie.

The XNA is a crossplatform framework that allows the most efficiency on the platform on which it runs. You can manage the access to your graphics, your audio, your inputs, your storage device the same way on each platform. Its pipeline eases the import of many type of assets. The memory is managed that makes the development even easier.

You code your game using C#

With XNA, Microsoft is the first console maker to give to its community the ability to create its own games and to sell them on the XBox Live marketplace. Note that for this last aspect you must be a premium member (the cost is $99 per year).

You can see more here on the XNA official community site.

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